God opened the door earlier this year for a team to share the love of Jesus in Kenya. Two of our Truth mission team members, Jan and Jola, led a dedicated group of eight women hailing from Kansas on a mission of a lifetime. In October, they left on this mission where they wholeheartedly served the children’s home, Naomi’s Village, for an entire week. Their outreach extended beyond the home’s walls as they also brought hope and essential aid to families in nearby villages. By delivering bunk beds and much-needed food packages, this team exemplified the true essence of God’s love and grace.

During their stay, these remarkable women forged deep and meaningful connections with the people of Kenya. As a team they cried, prayed, laughed, and served all the while loving on His people. Their journey left their “hearts filled to spilling over the brim”.

As they gazed upon the breathtaking beauty of the country, they were reminded that we serve an awesome God and the incredible blessings that can arise from serving Him. Kenya, with its magnificent landscapes and warm-hearted people, serves as a testament to God’s boundless grace.

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