TEM Trip and Event Schedule



  • February 24-28  –  Student Sponsorship Team trip to take photos of sponsored children (cancelled)
  • March 7-14  –  Morrison Heights Baptist Church, MS, medical mission trip to Haiti (cancelled)
  • April 13-18  –  12th annual Pastors Conference, Z’Orange Haiti
  • May 11 –  9th Annual Rice & Beans 5K Rumble
  • June 10-23  –  Lamont Wesleyan Church, KS, mission trip to Haiti (cancelled)
  • June 17-23  –  Morrison Heights, MS, medical mission trip to Haiti (cancelled)
  • July 12-18  –  7th annual Teachers Conference and dental clinic, Z’Orange Haiti (cancelled)
  • August 10-16  –  First Baptist Church of Fenton, MO, construction team (cancelled)
  • October 22 –  Haiti Vision Medical Team from MO, mission trip to Haiti (cancelled)
                                  (Trip cancellations due to political unrest in Haiti.)


These are plans of TEM, which are subject to change at God’s discretion. We will add missions as the Lord leads. 

  • Due to the political climate in Haiti, no more trips scheduled for this year…