Report from Brother Chuck
Will Tiller and I traveled to Batesville, SC, on the 27th of September for two purposes. One was to meet with the team from First Baptist Church of Batesburg, SC, that will be going to Haiti with us November 1-8. The other was to go on Sunday to the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lexington, SC, to share about Truth Evangelistic Ministry and what we are doing in Haiti.

Betty Summer, Will Tiller’s mom, has been on fire for Haiti ever since she went about three years ago. This will make her fourth year. She tells everyone about the need in Haiti and how the Lord is truly changing lives in a village called Z’OrangĂ©. She mostly works in the medical team but she does whatever is needed. Because of Betty’s obedience to the Lord and passion for Christ, this year her pastor, Pastor Philip McNeal, and two members of the First Baptist Church of Batesburg, Philip and Wendi Hallman, will be on the November team.

Betty also shared her Haiti experiences with a lady named Debra Gates from the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lexington, SC. Debra evidently felt the Holy Spirit tugging on her heart about Haiti and invited Betty to come to their church. The next thing I know Debra calls me to ask for more information and Will Tiller goes to the church to introduce himself and explain more about Haiti. Debra talked to her pastor, Pastor Cannon, and they asked Will and me to come up and share with them what God was doing in Haiti.

On Saturday, September 27, Betty picked us up and took us to her house for a meeting with Pastor Philip McNeal and Philip & Wendi Hallman of the First Baptist Church of Batesburg. We started about 4 p.m. and ended about 8 p.m. We had a great time discussing what to expect in Haiti. As I always tell everyone, we never know exactly what are going to do but God does, so all we have to do is show up.

On Sunday, September 28, Will, Betty and I went to the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lexington, SC, where we were welcomed with the warmth and love that only true Christian brothers and sisters could show. Brother Will read The Call to Worship and Betty had children’s church. I told them about my conversion and the beginning of TEM and our involvement in Haiti. Their intentions were to take up an offering for Haiti to build a shade house there. The cost is around $500.00. Their donations naturally exceeded that amount by $250.00, making the total over $750.00. This isn’t all. A very small children’s church had been saving and they gave over $100.00 for Change For A Child, for the preemie babies in Haiti and their mothers.

We were blessed with a wonderful service of singing and worshipping lead by Pastor Cannon and heard an inspiring message from Brother Charles Kapungwe, originally from Zambia. You could truly tell he was a man of God.

I know the Lord was smiling as we joined hands working together to do God’s work, different backgrounds, different races, different denominations yet serving the same Lord; One Spirit, One body.

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October 8, 2008
September 21, 2008