A Day Of Rest
Sunday, our day of rest; started out with breakfast and after a relaxing couple of hours, we went to Dottie’s Church for a wonderful service filled with scripture. This church has about half Haitians and half Americans. I was surprised I knew as many people as I did, people that I have met through the years that are full time missionaries.

After church we just relaxed and Bill and I did a little bookwork to make sure I was accountable with all the funds. Thank goodness it all worked out. Sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with everything, especially when you don’t get receipts for everything here in Haiti and then you have the exchange rate to deal with.

Around three o’clock Bill, Dottie, Tony (new friend from IL, working with an orphanage here) and I went to a restaurant to eat. I was a treat for all of us and I’m sure for Dottie.

We packed our gear and ready to leave in the morning. I believe we accomplished all God wanted us to do. It was another wonderful adventure serving our Lord.

God bless you all who prayed and donated funds for the people of Haiti; because of you there are hundreds of Haitian families that are eating tonight. God will bless you and your families. I know, He blesses mine.

September 27-28, 2008 New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
September 20, 2008