By Kenny Phillips
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. After a wonderful night sleep and great breakfast, George Truelove and I headed out to missionary Curt Golden’s garage to weld the front and back support walls of the shade house that will be constructed up at Jerusalem II. Once we were finished with the welding, we purchased water and propane gas. All this is part of the preparation for the team coming in on Nov. 1st.

By Brother Chuck
I went downtown with Pastor Harry to start on the papers for Gabriel. I have to do this once a year and I dread it each year. Last year it took three weeks just to get insurance and a tag but, Praise the Lord again, we had it done in three hours. Only God could have done this. Afterward I went and got the truck washed and added some fluids to it to get ready for the team on Saturday. It truly was another wonderful day with the Lord. I love to watch him do his miracles.


Curt & George at the mechanic shop in Port-au-Prince


Laying out rebar for the shade house to be built in Jerusalem II


George and Kenny welding rebar

October 30, 2008
October 28, 2008 Delivering Food to Z'Orangé