Another blessed day in our Lord Jesus Christ. He continues to bless the ministry as we prepare for the team to arrive. Everything so far has gone better than I ever could have expected. Today was another example as we left to go do some welding and maintenance on Gabriel.

George and Kenny cut and welded some rebar on some torque bars that needed to be done and they also welded some hooks in the bed of the truck so that we can use ratchet straps to tie down the trunks as we go up the mountain. They are always being tossed about as we go. I have wanted to have this done for a long time. While they were doing this, I changed the oil in the front differential, fixed the starter wire and something else I know nothing about.

After this we went back to Dottie’s and changed out of our greasy clothes and went to have lunch and then proceeded to go to a grocery store, where we bought most of the supplies for the team that will be coming in Saturday. We will buy the rest on Saturday before they come in, such as ice, ham, turkey and bread.

We had another superb supper of fried chicken legs and rice with salad and a dessert of fudge; again, another rough day.



George and Kenny making a plan


Bro. Chuck helping with tires


Bro. Chuck acting like he knows what he is doing

October 31, 2008 Final Day of Preparation
October 29, 2008