Loving On The People In Daniel’s Village
Last night we heard a few voodoo drums way off in the distance. Most of the voodoo priests in this area don’t beat their drums while we are here now. When we first came there many voodoo villages would beat their drums to keep us up. They didn’t want us here, but God took care of that. The Holy Spirit is taking over this valley.

After breakfast we headed for Daniel’s (voodoo priest) village to have a medical team for his people and for VBS for the children. They love it when we come and tell them stories about Jesus and do the arts and crafts. They are a delight to us. It always amazes me how God has blinded Daniel as he allows the Light to shine in the darkness. These little children have been hearing about Jesus for four years now. There is no doubt that one day that village will be a Christian village. God’s word does not come back void. From 9 a.m. to 11:30 the medical team saw 109 people. In the last three days they have seen around 600 people. We had a few that didn’t get to see the people in the clinic so we told them to come to the church after lunch and we would see them.

The hike to Daniel’s is full of mud holes and we have to cross two large streams so everyone got their shoes wet. It is a little difficult carrying trunks and trying to walk on slippery rocks.

After lunch we continued the medical clinic at the church in Z’OrangĂ©. There had been people waiting for the team since early this morning knowing that it would not start till one but they were afraid that they would not be able to be seen. There is a tremendous amount of sick people this year. There is a lot of fever. We believe it is from bad water that got contaminated during the hurricanes but we are not sure.

The evening service was preached by Pastor Harry (Haitian Pastor). This man loves the Lord and you can tell from his enthusiasm. Voodoo priest John Wesley came with his wife and I sat with them praying that he would accept Christ. He told me after the service that he wanted Will, Kenny and me to meet with him tomorrow afternoon. He has told us so many times that he was very close and when we come back he would accept Christ. I told him he did not need us or the church to accept Christ that he could do it anytime, anywhere. We just pray it will be tomorrow. Christ never gave up on us so how can we give up on others. It is very simple, we can’t.

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