Reports from Kenny, Clint & Will

From Kenny:
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. After a week of preparation the team headed to Z’Orangé. Once we arrived at Jerusalem I (Z’Orangé), we unloaded materials and supplies and prepared the plans for the week. As many of you know, God has laid a heavy burden and desire in my heart for the people up on the mountains in a village called Columbeeya, where Jerusalem II Baptist Church is being built. Will Tiller from TEM, Clint Downing from Shalimar Baptist, and myself headed up the mountain with Chuck and Gabriel.

A small African American Church, Bethel A.M.E. from Lexington, S.C. sponsored the building of a shade house up at Pastor and Sister Fani’s house. With small effort from ourselves and huge guidance and direction from God the shade house was and will be a success. I have come to love Pastor Fani and his wife dearly. They continue to show me things that only true servants of God can. What a beautiful time of work, worship, and praise we had with this family. I was so stoked that my bothers Will and Clint had the opportunity to experience the love Pastor and Sister Fani have shown me. I know God is leading me to a more intimate spiritual relationship with this family and I am looking so forward to serving more in this village. Please pray for me that God will allow me to continue to be a part of His plan in Columbeeya. I truly feel His direction regarding Columbeeya and I praise God for that. I thank Chuck and TEM for allowing Give Me Shelter Ministries to come aboard with the Haiti mission. I thank them for their continued prayer and encouragement.

Kenny Phillips Founder and Director
Give Me Shelter Ministries

From Clint:
This was my second trip to Haiti with TEM. While I knew what to expect regarding the trip, I had no idea as to exactly how God would work. I was blessed with the opportunity to go over the mountain from Jerusalem I to Jerusalem II with brother Kenny and brother Will to build a shade house. Several challenges presented themselves in the construction but it all worked out just as the Lord planned. I am certain He will bless the ground and produce the much needed crops in the area.

We stayed at Pastor Fani’s home. It was a very uplifting and humbling experience. I was able to look upon the beauty of God’s creation; both landscape and His people. The landscape and the starry skies were reminders of God’s might. The humble spirit, hospitality, and constant prayer in the life of Pastor Fani and his flock were reminders of God’s grace, mercy, and omnipotence. They are always praying and praising God (Joshua 1:8). The world defines prosperity and success in a much different way than the children of God. Their joy is obviously in the Lord!

On Wednesday a Haitian church group walked up the mountain (3 to 4 hour walk) to visit and pray with Pastor Fani. They spent a couple hours praying and praising God in the heat and began their walk back down the mountain. They did not allow tough circumstances to compromise their mission from the Lord. Pastor Fani walks the mountain each day ministering and praying for the people in the area.

I thank the Lord for His blessing upon the people we ministered to and His tremendous blessing upon me this week.

From Will:
What a pleasure it is to serve the Lord. Why the Lord has brought me of all people to do His work in the hard country of Haiti I do not know, but I am so excited to see what He is doing in my life and the lives of other team members. Praise the Lord!

Being on the board of TEM I see God move in many ways. I am so blessed to be a part of a ministry that relies on the Holy Spirit to lead. We had the privilege of spending time on this mountain with these sweet Christian people for just a few days of their lives. We awoke in the morning to the sounds of nature (goats and chickens) and voices of their native language of Creole. They humbly moved out of their small hut to allow us a place to sleep. As we spent time on the project of a “shadehouse”, we had a full day of work, prayerful moments and were able to see the intimate relationship of these people with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We witnessed the Holy Spirit! We witnessed these people praying and worshipping God all day everyday and we were able to just blend in to their lives. It was Awesome. The project was complete and God will bless the work and His people. But the encouragement that we received from this family and group of people was life changing and will impact my life forever.

November 6, 2008 The Team Visits Jerusalem II
November 5, 2008