Out Of Tragedy Came Salvation
We missed Kenny, Clint, Will and Jimmy this morning for breakfast. They are up in Jerusalem II building the shade house. After breakfast everyone knew what their job was and by nine o’clock the medical clinic was open and VBS had started. While the teams were doing this it gave me some time to catch up on the information for the web site, which I will send when I get back to Port, and Pastor Philip and George did a little carpentry work that needed to be done around the area.

Around 12 noon we had lunch and afterward Betty, Pastor Philip, George, Pastor Wisney, Pastor Harry and I went to see John Wesley (voodoo priest). Tragedy had stuck their family. Their two year old girl had died, and his wife had delivered twin babies and one of the twins had died. We have been talking to both of them for about three years about Jesus and his wonderful plan of salvation. It was always the same; next time I will accept Christ. We went to comfort John Wesley’s wife and tell them again how much Jesus loves them. This time his wife accepted Christ. Halleluiah!!! John Wesley is still telling us not yet. Please keep praying for him. His biggest deterrent is that he doesn’t know how he will support his family if he accepts Christ. We have told him God will provide and He wants him just the way he is but it is a very difficult decision for him. Please be praying for him.

When we returned Pastor Dorleon wanted us to take his wife who has been sick since we got here to Port to the hospital. Carol Ann and Betty had been trying to figure out what was wrong with her but she was getting worse so George and I took her to the city and some friends picked her up and took her to the hospital. Julio (Pastor Dorleon’s son) had just gone to the hospital this week and was just getting out today. Satan has really been attacking his family but he said that satan will not succeed, that Christians always win. George and I got back late and got to go to the last part of the service. Pastor Harry did the praise and worship and Pastor Philip preached and Pastor Wisney interpreted.

After church we always meet and I have people give a short testimony of their life. Tonight was George and Carol Ann Truelove’s turn. It is always so interesting of how God has called us out. Carol Ann has been in Haiti for 31 years and George about 24.

Tomorrow we will be going to Daniel’s village to have a medical team and VBS.

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November 5, 2008
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