The People in Z’Orangé Need Our Help
Important News

George and I got an early start, and the Lord was good. After finding most of the auto stores closed because of the holidays, I remembered that there was a little place that might just be open, and it was. Praise the Lord! I bought two batteries, had them checked and headed back to Love A Child where the truck was. I installed the two new batteries, and guess what? They weren’t charged enough to start the truck. Curt, a friend of mine who is my mechanic, was at Love A Child (another praise to our Lord!). We decided to have him try to “pull start” us. When I got in the cab, however, I looked down and saw that the brake pedal was all the way to the floor. I checked the brake fluid and there was none. After fixing this problem, we tried to “pull start” Gabriel, the military truck, and praise the Lord, it cranked right up. We still didn’t have any papers for the truck so we decided to leave it there and drive George’s truck to Z’Orangé. Because of Hurricane Noel the road was washed out but I knew of one other road that would get us there. It was rough and muddy but the Lord got us there.

We met the Pastor at Z’Orangé, Pastor Dorleon, who had some very sad news for us. The hurricane had caused major flooding in Z’Orangé, resulting in the deaths of 23 people. And over 300 huts (homes) had been completely destroyed. Some people are staying in the church. People have lost loved ones and everything they own except what is on their person. I had some funds with me that we were going to use to help the school there but I told Pastor Dorleon that people are more important than buildings and asked him what would be the best way we could help the people. Food, clothing and some money to help them get back on their feet was the answer. So tomorrow, with what funds we have, we will buy all the beans, rice and oil we can. We are also praying that Love A Child will have some food and clothing that they can give.

Please be praying for the Haitian people here, and that God will show His love and compassion through us. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help, please let us know as soon as possible so I can buy more food while I am here. If you are sending a gift, please call our office at 850-863-1535 and leave a message to let us know the amount so I can purchase the food. If we get our temporary papers for the truck tomorrow, we will start taking supplies up. Please pray for this, also.

November 2, 2007
October 31, 2007