Gathering Supplies in Port-au-Prince

George and I got up early and had our day all planned out on how we were going to help the people in Z’Orangé. We were going to get the truck from Love A Child, and see if they had any clothes and food they could provide, and then go buy some beans, rice and oil, deliver the supplies to Z’Orangé, and get back to Port-au-Prince by dark. Well to start with, it was raining and the truck wouldn’t start. It finally started after using a bulldozer to pull-start it. Then since it was a holiday, we had trouble finding food but we did eventually find 20 bags of rice, five cases of oil and one box of spaghetti. Love A Child gave us some of the food packets from Feed My Starving Children. By the time we finished loading the truck it was too late to go to Z’Orange, it was still raining and we were soaked. So we parked the truck and took George’s little truck and bought a weeks worth of groceries for the team that is coming tomorrow. In the end it turned out to be a good day and the Lord got done what he wanted done.

The team is coming in tomorrow and George and I will get started early so we can go to Z’Orangé and get back in time to pick up the team.


November 3, 2007
November 1, 2007