Back in Haiti, and fully relying on the Lord

I’m back in Haiti, and some things never change. George Truelove picked me up at the airport and we went out to Love A Child, where our military truck is stored and naturally it did not start. We needed new batteries. Well it was dark by this time so we went back to the CSI house in Port-au-Prince.

Another problem we discovered was that the paperwork required for the truck had expired and for some reason the Haitian police have started cracking down on truck paperwork. They have set up many roadblocks in and out of the city as checkpoints.

I started praying for the Lord to show me a way to take care of these problems. Then George told me that there was some kind of holiday for the next two days so most of the stores would be closed. Keep in mind that I still needed to buy food, batteries and other supplies for this trip. Then I started really getting serious with the Lord, until I remembered something that I always must keep in mind, the Lord has never, never, ever failed me. I have made over forty trips and He has always made a way when there was no way. That’s one of the things I love about Him, He is the miracle worker.

November 1, 2007
October 26, 2007