The Widow’s Home

Ed and Tim had a tour of the Widow’s Home & clinic, and then they got to go to market, which just happens to be on Friday. Linda Blankenship was the guide. After this quick tour, Linda put Ed and Tim to work painting the Widow’s Home. I escaped to do some e-mailing.

As you can see by the pictures, the Widow’s Home is coming along great. The shutters and doors are hung and painted, and two cisterns are built with gutters running along the back to catch the rain water. All the beds, mattresses and chairs arrived and as you can see in the pictures, the rooms look great. Thanks to everyone who helped with this project.

After Linda worked Tim and Ed, we were able to eat lunch. Following lunch, Steve took us to Nansantrain, where George and Carol Ann Truelove live. We arrived just in time to eat dinner (another great Haitian meal) with the Heart of the Bride team, which is putting on a new tin roof at the guest house, building on two rooms at the Truelove’s house, plus many other projects.


March 10, 2007
March 8, 2007