The Needs in the Area of Marge Rouge

Saturday was a busy day in Marge Rouge. Tony Gibson, of Heart of the Bride, and I talked with different pastors that are having problems feeding the many children of this area. It is really a big problem and we are praying that the Lord will help us with this difficult situation. We bought some food for some of the children and hopefully by next week, they will be receiving the food from Port that we got from Love A Child. This food is originally from Feed My Starving Children, out of Minnesota.

Sunday we will be leaving this area to go back to Mole St. Nichol to catch a small plane back to Port. Heart of the Bride is bringing in another team and we will be able to hitch a ride on their return flight. Then we will go talk to Patrick to, hopefully, buy the 2½ ton military truck.

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March 11, 2007
March 9, 2007