Travels from Port-au-Prince to Bombardopolis

Tim, Ed and I got up this morning and were taken to the small airport in Port-au-Prince where we caught a flight on MAF to Mole St. Nichol, which is on the coast in the extreme Northwest of Haiti. Steve Leach and his son, Jacob, picked us up from the air field, and that is all it is, a flat place in the middle of a bunch of cactus (see runway in photo at right). We then rode for about an hour and a half to Bombardopolis, where we will be staying with Steve and Faith. Linda Blankenship is here now helping Faith with many duties at the clinic but will eventually be working in the Widow’s Home. We had a great evening looking over the Widow’s Home and catching up on what is going on in Bombard and discussing the future of the Widow’s Home. But the best part is that Thursday night is pizza night at the Leach’s, with Pepsi on ice. Yahoo!!!!! As you can tell, it doesn’t take a lot to get excited in Haiti.

Tomorrow we will be taking some more pictures of the Widow’s Home and doing some painting. Then in the afternoon, Steve will take us over to Marge Rouge to see George and Carol Ann Truelove. Tony Gibson and Heart of the Bride, from Niceville, FL,  are there working on the guest house and some other projects.

Stay tuned for more information tomorrow or the next day, whenever I can get access to the internet.


March 9, 2007
March 7, 2007