Gabriel And VBS

Today we slept till 6:00 AM, had a great breakfast at CSI, as always, and then went to work on the truck. Natalie joined up with some CSI missionaries and went to teach Vacation Bible School, and did some painting at the school. She fits in here as if she had been here many times before.

Will, Josh & I finished all the work on the truck, which is truly a miracle in itself; there was so much to do. We had brought in over a $1000.00 worth of parts which, praise God, Global Compassion Ministries had provided the money for. Thank you again. The work we did was preventative maintenance.

I have been driving military trucks in Haiti for about 8 years now and low and behold, what does the Lord give us but a military truck. Because of my experience with these trucks I happen to know many of their weaknesses, so it was fairly easy to know what we needed and what we need to do. We didn’t get everything done to the truck that needs to be done but we got a lot of the big things completed. God was with us. I say this because I don’t see how we accomplished what we did before we had to take the truck back to Love A Child in the afternoon. Praise the Lord again.

Tomorrow we leave for the Northwest (Bombardopolis and Marge Rouge). We will be taking a small 6 passenger plane. What an adventure it is to walk with the Lord!

Photos of VBS.

July 12, 2007
July 10, 2007