The Widow’s Home

We got up early and did some running around in Port and then took a flight from Port-au-Prince to Mole St. Nichol. We arrived about 1 PM and were met by George Truelove (a missionary in Haiti). He took us to Bombardopolis where we enjoyed a wonderful late lunch and then went to visit the widows in the Widow’s Home. Linda Blankenship is here with Jean Northern (she and Tom Northern started the clinic here over 30 years ago). Linda is doing a wonderful job with the widows, and you can tell they love her and she loves them.

The Widow’s Home is completely paid for but there will be the need for continued maintenance of the home and food and clothing for the ladies. We did a short video that we will be glad to send you if you are interested in the widows and their home.

If the Lord puts it on your heart to help with this ministry, please let us know. Check out this News section again for photos of the home and the ladies.

Photos of the Widow’s Home

July 13, 2007
July 11, 2007