Karl Leiber and Jerry Lantz flew into Haiti yesterday and were met by Simon, who took them out to Living Waters Mission area where they picked up their truck to take up to the northwest.  They also picked up Pastor Beau who will be helping them.  They will be taking food up for the people there and evangelizing along the way.

Chuck Guerber and Ken Challis flew in on Jan. 3, and are working on some of the construction projects at the mission house.  This is the first time since 1999 that someone has flown in before me–I’m hoping it won’t be the last. I have been praying for years that the Lord would send someone to help me get set up for the teams. There is so much to prepare for when teams come in. With Simon’s help, they are doing a great job. What I really appreciate about them is their initiative to evangelize while they are there. As you read in the report before, they have already shown the Jesus film in Z’Orange and at Jerusalem IV. I have always said that construction is just a byproduct of what our goal is. We must never forget why we are there, and that is to spread the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I will be flying in on Jan. 10 to join Chuck, Ken and Karl, who will be back from the northwest. On Saturday the 14th, Bill Chambless, Bryan Grimes and Joe Hutchison will be joining us.

Haiti January 7, 2012
Haiti January 6, 2012