Report from Chuck Guerber, Range Community Bible Church

Greetings to All,

Last night Ken made a great meal for Karl, Beau, and Jerry! They really appreciated having it when they arrived around 7 p.m. This morning they got out of here by 8:00. Ken spent most of the day painting and working on odds and ends that seem to always pop up, and he finished painting the second bedroom. I fixed a shower head, worked on recording a few songs (my studio is on my laptop), then headed out on a walk around the village with my guitar and a ‘Proclaimer’ (NT audio Bible in Haitian Creole).

After I had made a few greetings and walking about 20 minutes, one family waved for me to come over to their house. I said a quick prayer as I walked over to them. I had the ‘Proclaimer’ going, and sat down on my portable stool and started to play the guitar. The next thing I knew, there were about 30 people standing completely around me. I didn’t panic, but sure prayed that they liked it! I played a bunch of songs, then thought I’d best to be on my way. My heart was warmed and I was blessed with the smiles and joy that they showed. The glory goes to God!

I realize now that it is much easier to say that you want to do something–like walking around a village playing guitar with the NT playing–than it is to actually do it! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical and a little nervous about doing this, but you know what? I now look forward to going back through that area again and doing the same thing, plus expanding where I went. It’s amazing to me how God gives you the strength when you really need it! And now I can fall back on that strength to move forward.

Ken and I want to thank you for all your prayers. It makes a difference. Tomorrow we will be blessed by the musical church service!

God Bless!

India January 8, 2012
Haiti January 7, 2012