Report from Chuck Guerber, Range Community Bible Church

Greetings to All,

All is well with Ken and me. We haven’t been able to communicate due to ‘technical difficulties’ up here in the mountains. I pray they are taken care of and we can send daily emails now.

Ken and I arrived safely in Haiti on Tuesday afternoon. We proceeded to the mission house via a private driver that Simon (Chuck M’s main translator) had lined up. Got to the house approx 5:00 and settled in. Tuesday Ken got busy with finishing Chuck M’s desk and painting the walls in the big bedroom. I spent the morning checking the audio/video gear to find the DVD player/stereos top bent up. It rattles a lot, but gladly it still worked! Thank God!

I proceeded to take the guitar and a ‘Proclaimer’ (audio New Testament in Creole) outside by the church. A group of kids came to listen. One teenage boy really enjoyed listening to the Gospel. I thought being a teenager, he wouldn’t listen long. Well, two and a half hours later, he was really enjoying it! I left it to him to use while we are here. I’m happy to say, this young man is playing it all day long! And loud enough for the entire area to hear it! I will discuss with him about getting a listening group together on a regular basis.

We had the first showing of the ‘Jesus’ film on Tuesday night. Pastor Doe wanted us to put it up in the church, so we did. There were approx. 60 people that just showed up to watch. Pastor asked if we could take it to Jerusalem 4 on Wed. I should add that Chuck M gave us a phone. So now we can call out if needed. Chuck M called on Wed and said we could take the army truck, a.k.a. Gabriel, to Jerusalem 4. I have never driven it, but knew it was time to learn. Unfortunately, we didn’t leave until 6:00 pm and it was dark (made the learning curve a little harder!) While the truck was warming up, local Haitians started loading into it! They wanted to go along to view the movie again. I prayed inside the cab that our Lord would teach me how to drive and take care of those in the back. We had a great trip, and no whiplash was reported! God is so, so, good.

At best count, we had approx 140 people in that little church! They watched so intently, you could hear a pin drop. They even clapped during the part where Jesus returned to the disciples after his death! It was a great evening.

All glory goes to God,

Chuck & Ken
Z’Orange, Haiti


Haiti January 7, 2012
Haiti November 20, 2011