Today was a busy day from the time we got up. We had to stop at Eko Depot on the way to the work site and give them some money for materials for Z’Orange, which took longer than I expected, which put us in the morning traffic. We didn’t arrive on the work site till 9:30; normally we arrive around 9 a.m. but God redeems the time. Everyone knows what their job is now. Some started on the pews, some started on the trusses, and everybody got busy. In the afternoon, the children arrived after school and the ladies started singing with them and telling Bible stories. They also gave them all stuffed animals, which they loved. Every day the number of children will grow as they go tell their friends.

The church is coming along just fine, even though we don’t have enough people. At the rate we are going it will only be by God’s will that we finish the job by the time we leave, but that will be fine–the Haitians can finish it up. We are all just enjoying working and praising our Lord.

Tomorrow we will be going to pick up our commodes, sinks, pedestals at Batimet, and other supplies at Eko Depot, including the kitchen sink. Karl and I will follow the truck up to Z’Orange and make sure we have ordered everything we need. We will also check on the progress of Boss Wilna and his men who are working on the mission house. It will be another busy day.

Haiti Update January 27, 2011
Haiti Update January 25, 2011