Karl and I took the team down to the work site this morning and we got there a little earlier today because the traffic wasn’t so bad; we arrived at 8:30. We helped a little but we had to go to Eko Depot and Batimet to make sure all our materials got on the truck for Z’Orange. It all started out pretty good at Batimet because they already had the material on the truck and ready to go at 9:30. We then followed the truck over to Eko Depot to start getting it loaded. We had hundreds of fittings and pvc pipes that had to be counted, and we were doing great till we realized they had forgotten to put everything on the receipt that I had received yesterday. We had gone over all of this, and somehow they forgot all our electrical. So Karl had to start trying to remember what we had ordered, because our sheet was back at Dottie’s. While he is trying to figure that out, I decide to go to Atlantic Windows to pick up two windows that I had ordered last week. While I’m loading the windows up, I get a call from the owner of Batimet asking me where Simon is, because the truck driver couldn’t find him. We had had Simon ride with them so they wouldn’t get lost. I told him that I had left Simon & Karl at Eko Depot and they should all be there. For some reason the truck driver drove off and drove back to Batimet thinking Simon had just left. I’m trying to call Simon and he doesn’t answer me, I can’t get hold of Karl, and the owner of Batimet is calling me again asking me where Simon is. Finally, Karl calls me and tells me that the men on the truck are gone. I tell him I know and that Simon needs to call them and tell them to come back. I knew the morning was going too smoothly. Things like this happen only in Haiti.

When we finally loaded everything up we drove up to Z’Orange and unloaded the truck, only to find out the drivers had forgotten four doors. Surprised, I’m not. The good news is they said they would go back and get them for us.

We have had Boss Wilna and his men working up there since Monday, and they have done a lot of work. They have knocked down the outhouses that are now enclosed and laid block to enclose three bathrooms. They have also made an opening from the kitchen into the main room, and made an opening from my office into a room that will be my bedroom. We also had them level the floor because in the future we will tile the floor. The mission house is really looking good, praise to the Lord!!!!

We got back just in time to pick up the team from the work site and get them back to Dottie’s for dinner.

Haiti Update January 28, 2011
Haiti Update January 26, 2011