Karl and I had a long day today on the roads of Port-au-Prince. We first took the team to the work site, and then we had to go to the hardware/lumber company to find out why all our material had not been delivered. It was to have been delivered Saturday, and part of it was; but we have not received the rest, and here it is Tuesday. When we arrived we went to talk to the owner. The reason he had not sent the materials was that he didn’t have everything, so he was trying to find it at other stores so he could send all of the materials at one time. He didn’t understand we had men on the work site that needed materials to work with. He promised he would have it for us today, and he did—it was delivered late this afternoon after we left.

So today while Karl and I went to check on materials and cash checks, the guys on the work site started building the pews for the church. Karl and I were also able to order all the material that we need for the February team. It will be sent up to storage on Thursday (that’s the plan, anyway). We didn’t get to the work site till after 1 p.m. The traffic was terrible because school was getting out.

When we arrived, Annette, Michelle, Jackie and some of the men were singing songs with the kids; they were having so much fun, as you will see in the photos. When you see the children laughing and singing, it really touches your heart and you understand why you are here. Satan wants us to be afraid of cholera, hurricanes, earthquakes, malaria and any other fears he can give us, so we will never see the truth. There is nothing to be afraid of. The Lord told us He did not give us the spirit of fear, so if we have it, it is not from our Lord, it is from satan. I believe people all over the world just want to be happy, to be able to feed their families, and to live in peace. Hopefully, they will see the peace and joy in us.

Thank you all for praying for us and our families. God bless.

Haiti Update January 26, 2011
Haiti Update January 24, 2011