Yesterday afternoon we went to visit Daniel’s voodoo village. We sang and played with the kids and the people there. Some of the older ladies seem to have more fun than the kids…it’s as if they never had a childhood, which is very possible. After singing some praise songs, the team handed out clothes that Michael and Rebecca brought that people had given them. The people lined up to receive them, and they were all very thankful for their new clothes.

This morning some of the team members took a little hike up the mountain, while some just walked around the area visiting people. Our Haitian dog, Lady, went with them everywhere. After the hike I took the team up to Jerusalem IV to show them where the foundation for the new church is being built. The Jerusalem IV congregation is so excited! We had just enough money to build the foundation; now we’re waiting on the Lord to provide the rest for the building. He is always faithful, and it will be built in His time. When we finished taking photos at Jerusalem IV, we stopped by the market so the group could see what they sell there. It’s not a place to buy souvenirs (unless you want to take home a chicken or some corn). The market here must be like it was in our country about 100 years ago.

We will be finishing up all our projects today and getting ready to go to Port tomorrow. Thank you all so, so very much for your prayers. We can do nothing without prayer.


Report by Pastor Sam

When I was in high school, I remember having some favorite worship songs. When we sang them I remember wanting the songs to never end; we could have sung the chorus 12 times, I would have been happy. As I’ve gotten older, though, I find songs that repetitive a little annoying. I think that’s why I love the old hymns that are so rich in theology, but are also concise. Even now, though, there are songs that I don’t want to end.

“But the song’s for singing,
not to dread the end.” – Wendell Berry

It is our last full day in Z’Orange, and this week has been a song. Leaving, even preparing to leave, is difficult, but it’s also good. The temptation now is to dread the end, but the goal is to enjoy God’s work through the final verse. This song will end, but another is coming. We’ll be back home soon singing a new song as we serve the Lord.

I’ll miss the boys here. We’ve had a good time. Everywhere I go, someone yells out, “Big boy!” In Creole it is, “Gwo anpil.” When I play with the young boys I’ve started calling them, “Gwo anpil.” They think it’s hilarious! While I’ve loved being here, I’m so excited to come back home and see my wife. This song is coming to an end. It’s been a great song, and I’ll enjoy singing it until it’s over. And I’ll enjoy the next one all the same.


Report by Miranda Gates

Hi, friends! This week has been amazing. I love coming here, and I have had so much fun! My favorite part has been playing with my frIends…I can’t wait to come back again. This has been the best week ever!

Haiti September 9, 2016
Haiti September 7, 2016