Today we’ve completed several jobs – we’ve finished painting the school, and we’ve put up all the gutter and connected it to a PVC line that goes to an inground cistern. Joe and Bill are working on installing the hot water heater for the two showers that don’t have hot water. When they finish we will have 5 bathrooms with hot showers – hallelujah! When someone first mentioned this years ago, I just laughed. I never thought it would happen, and I didn’t even think it was necessary. But the older I got, the colder the water got. In November, December and January the water coming out of the 300-ft-deep well is like ice water – it will make a grown man squeal like a baby!

Pastor Dorleon and the teachers have thanked me many times as we’ve finished each project. They are very proud of their school; they never thought it would be as nice as it is today. They know that all the praise goes to our Lord, Jesus.

Haiti September 8, 2016
Haiti September 6, 2016