Yesterday Clint and Lisa left for home, after doing a great job meeting with the administration of the school, the teachers, and parents of the sponsored children. I want to thank everyone who is a part of bringing education to these children. It is one of best things that we can do. Please consider your family or your Sunday School class sponsoring one of these precious children.

As you can see by the pictures, the construction crew is hard at it, and God is with them. As of yesterday, both sleeping areas are covered and have ceiling fans – it is much cooler in these rooms now. Today they are building shelves in between the bunks so that people will have an area to put things such as their bibles, flashlights, etc. Someone said it looks like a lodge now, with all the wooden beams.

Again I just want to thank everyone who is a part of TEM helping to make all this possible.

Haiti September 13, 2013
Haiti September 10, 2013