There are moments in life when God calls, and the only response is a resounding “Yes, Lord, Send Me!” Such is the story of our incredible mission team, a group of dedicated individuals who have embraced the call to serve and spread God’s message of salvation & love in Peru.

Maribel and Steve, accompanied by their children Rachel and James, have been fervently serving in missions in Peru for many years. Maribel’s connection to Peru, her homeland, adds a special depth to their mission work. Joining them are Marco and Julie, who carry out a ministry in Colombia, South America. Their sons, Luis and Miguel, will also be contributing to the team’s efforts in Peru, particularly in the soccer camp and Vacation Bible School (VBS). It’s worth noting that Marco and Julie were instrumental members of the team that journeyed to Hong Kong in July.

From the Hong Kong mission, we are blessed to have Beth, Denise, Ezrah, and Pam joining us. Beth, hailing from Tennessee, led the Hong Kong team this past July. She teaches English online to Chinese students, and is also part of the ministry team that is planning this year’s trip to Hong Kong. Denise, along with her son Ezrah, who are from South Carolina, were instrumental in Hong Kong with their energy and love for others. Denise, like Beth, teaches online English to Chinese students. Pam, a longstanding member of the Truth Ministry team, has been pivotal in spreading the gospel through VBS, and she too calls South Carolina home.

This diverse and dedicated team is poised to embark on a journey to Pacasmayo and Lima, Peru. As we anticipate the unfolding of God’s plan through their service, we invite you to join us in prayer. Please lift each team member in prayer, asking for their health and safety during their travels. Pray for their hearts to be burdened with compassion for the lost and hurting in the communities they will be visiting.

Extend your prayers to Pastor Auden, his wife – Wendy – and his team in Peru, who will be partnering with our mission group. Lastly, let’s collectively pray for the hearts of the families and children they will encounter, that through the actions and love of our team, they may see Jesus.

We eagerly await the impact this incredible group of people will make on the lives they touch, confident that God’s work through them will be nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for your support, and let us continue to uphold them in prayer as they embark on this noble mission January 19th!!!

We prayed for bibles and God provided!

Thank you to all who donated so that we could provide bibles for each child that participates in our soccer camp and VBS! If you’re inspired to GIVE, thank you!

God is Good
God's Blessings with Our Homeless Ministry