After French toast today for breakfast, the men started building shelving between each of the bunks. They first had to make all the measurements then cut, sand, and stain all the boards – that took the whole day. The boards are drying tonight, and the all the shelves will be up tomorrow, God willing.

Linda and Beth went to the market so Linda could buy some things for when she goes home to the northwest of Haiti with George. The markets here in the country sell only things that people need – mostly food – from vegetables to chickens, goats, and pigs. They do have an old-time blacksmith shop that is really fascinating, just like back in the western days. They even have a man who repairs vinyl flip flops. He melts some old vinyl flips flops that he has, and melts it onto the flip flop that needs to be repaired. His final product looks pretty good – he had plenty of customers. They got back around lunchtime.

After lunch Chuck G, Will, Beth, Linda and I walked down to Daniel’s voodoo village. Beth and Linda had never been there, and I thought, how many times in your life do you get a chance to do something like that? Daniel was happy to see us, as usual, and welcomed us with a hug. He asked me if we could help him out with a little food for his village and, as always, I told him I would send some to him. After visiting with him for a while, we went back to the mission house, and I had Blanco take some food to the village.

By the end of the day everyone was pretty tired and, after dinner and a cold shower none of us stayed up very long – the snoring channel started early.

Haiti September 13, 2013
Haiti September 12, 2013