Report by Clint Downing

Today we met with the parents of sponsored children at the school. They are very grateful and understand the Lord has blessed them with the opportunity to have an American sponsoring their child’s tuition and praying for them. The parents and Pastor Do asked that we thank each sponsor for their prayer and support. Pastor Do told us today two of the top children that tested in Port this year were from this school, College Evangelique Baptiste Jerusalem. We also discussed what a blessing it is for these children to be receiving a Christian education. We are all excited about this school year. Last year we had almost 400 kids in the school, and we anxiously await this year’s roster.

You hear many stories when you talk to these children. There are teenage twins who live with Pastor Do. They consider their mother dead even though she lives in this village. The father passed away and the mother has nothing to do with them. Linda Blankenship lives in the northwest part of Haiti, and is here with us this week. Yesterday she found a kid here that disappeared from her village some time back. Her family sent her to live with Pastor Do because she stayed in trouble. There is a 4-year-old boy here who lives with his grandmother, because his father is in Port working and we do not know where the mother is. Many children have parents who passed away, and they live with other family members or friends. There are so many stories to tell; that is why my heart goes out to these kids. Please pray for this school, the teachers, and certainly these kids. Education is so important for an individual here. In our country, you have a chance in life even if you don’t have an education. Here, it is almost impossible to do anything other than survive without an education. We need additional sponsors. Please get the word out and pray about the Lord’s leading in this school ministry.

We also had a great day of construction in the mission house; much was accomplished. We are putting ceilings up in the house for storage and temperature control. I think everyone will sleep well tonight, even with the “snoring channel” on all night. Thank you, Lord, for another opportunity to serve you and receive your blessings.

Haiti September 12, 2013
Haiti September 9, 2013