Report by Lisa Downing

Today has been a full and blessed day! Any day that starts with brown sugar pop tarts and coffee is going to be fantastic! We started the day meeting with the teachers of CEBJO to distribute supplies for the upcoming school year. I cannot describe the joy on the faces of the teachers as they received the books and supplies. These resources will greatly facilitate classroom instruction; receiving them has certainly encouraged the teachers as they begin a new school year! We offer many thanks to Sandy Perez, her family, and Shalimar Baptist Church for making this day possible. Z’Orange is grateful, and they send a BIG THANK YOU to Sandy and Shalimar Baptist, as well.

I had the opportunity to enjoy time with the children and teenagers for much of the afternoon. I sat with them while they had lunch, took crazy photos, and we took turns teaching each other English and Kreyol on a small chalkboard. This is always a favorite time for me because it is relaxed and relationships are built. I love all the smiles and laughter! While out on the hunt for great photos I came across some highly skilled American craftsmen who were all busy carrying, sawing, cutting and nailing boards. The word on the street is that they are building ceilings in the mission house and the school. As I write, I see a level being used as an instructional laser beam, and I hear all sorts of measurements being tossed about. This is the first time I have been in Haiti with a full construction team and I am, well . . . entertained. Seriously though, they are doing a great job, and it is a tremendous experience to see them bond together to complete the needed projects.

We have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the sponsored students. We were able to obtain a few pictures of sponsored children and wish we could do more. It will always depend on the current projects and how much time is available to locate the children. The families are really beginning to understand the sponsorship program, and they are full of joy knowing Americans want to help provide their children with a Christian education. I encourage all of you who sponsor a student to come to Haiti so that you may have the chance to personally meet your child.

Haiti is a hard country and nothing is easily accomplished, but seeing the progress here and the joy on the Haitian faces is the reminder from God why we go and serve. I want to thank everyone who helps support TEM! We are all making a difference together!!

I’m off now to play with the Haitian children and rinse the sawdust out of my cup!

Haiti September 10, 2013
Haiti September 8, 2013