Report by Janice Mosley

Today we went to Jerusalem I, which is located on the grounds of the mission house. Therefore we did not get on Gabriel, the old military truck, to take the usual bumpy, dusty ride to our daily medical mission site. We were blessed to be able to walk to the church across from the mission house where the people were to be seen. It is during this time that one can see how much is taken for granted. It made me stop and thank God for what I used to call the little things, but now I call the favored blessings from God.

Mothers came with their children and waited in line for hours to be seen by the medical team. One could clearly see the concern of a mother for her child, and also see fathers there with their children patiently waiting. There is so much compassion and concern for family within the Haitian communities. One would see brothers looking out for brothers, sisters holding on to their sisters, locking arms so as not to be separated. Haitian people are so appreciative of what we refer to as the “simple things in life.” Life here appears to be rough and rugged, yet it is accepted as a fact of life, and they find joy in the simple things.

It is amazing to see the Glory of God in this place, where the medical team attends not only to the medical needs of the Haitian people, but to the human and spiritual needs as well. The entire team packed gift bags with personal and hygiene products until late night, and sorted clothing for babies, young boys, girls and adults to give out as the families waited to be served. The medical team members praying for the people and displaying their concern for the people’s souls is a true testament to God’s Glory! There were over 300 people served medically, physically and–most of all–spiritually. I thank God for the opportunity to serve with an awesome team to do His will in the nation of Haiti.

Haiti October 10, 2014
Haiti October 8, 2014