Report by Tereasa Breckenridge

God is….all that we need Him to be in Memphis TN and Z’Orange Haiti. We have been blessed all week serving our brothers and sisters as unto the Lord! Normally I work the pharmacy, but this week I was blessed to work the gifts/clothing/gatekeeper position. Mr. Fred Green–we really missed you! The children asked about you as soon as I got here; we missed you, and they did too. Christyn, Matthew and Carol–you made it look easy. Aline Cotton blessed us with the devotion this morning, reflecting over the week and “Having an Attitude of Gratitude.” Psalm 100:1-4  She encouraged us to be thankful and appreciate the Lord for ALL that he has done, is doing, and will do in His own time. Her commitment was to help collect, donate, pack out, and do whatever she can before she is blessed to be able to go.

We all recognize what an humbling experience it is to be blessed to be chosen by God to be part of the Medical Missions Team. As usual, we come as willing vessels prepared to serve God’s people, and we leave with so much more. Our hearts are grateful to New Mt. Sinai Church in Memphis TN and Pastor W. DeWayne Breckenridge. You had no idea when you blessed us with an abundance of infant formula/cereal that we would treat a 1-month-old infant whose mother had died in childbirth. He had only been fed mashed bananas and water; now he will have formula and cereal that will last for a while. Because of the many people who continue to support and bless us, we are able to make a difference. Your hands and hearts reach past the USA, the ocean, into the valley of Z’Orange. As Momma Ora says, “If I can’t go, I can send ‘GO’.” There are folks here from all walks of life, young and old. I believe this is what heaven will look like. We thank you more than you will ever know!

God sent new, first timers – wonderful missionaries, too! They all have a heart to serve with a spirit of excellence and love. Even after serving for the week, some felt moved by the Spirit to sponsor some of the local children for school – what a blessing! We also had new interpreters. Pastor Norman, FBC Memphis, I am here with your brothers, Rudy and James. They are young Haitian men in college who delight in doing the work of the Lord. We are forever grateful to our Father for the wondrous works He has done–in us, through us, and for us. I pray that God continues to bless TEM and Bro. Chuck as he follows God and does His will.

October 12, 2014
Haiti October 9, 2014