Report by A. Wheatley

The Village of Lone – Third day of the clinic and, although we are tired physically, our spirits are high. The Lord showed his glory in many ways this afternoon. We encountered a woman who came into the clinic pregnant and carrying an armful of field greens wrapped up like a baby (yes…you heard me right). When asked why she was carrying the greens like an infant she replied that she was pregnant, but did not want the child to be born. She was told by a voodoo priest that if she carried them that way for a month she would not have the child. That same woman came to Christ today and handed over the voodoo trinket to our pastor from the great state of Alabama!

The Lord also blessed us by allowing our team to serve the entire line of patients – over 250 – without having to turn anyone away. Usually there are more patients than time permits, but not today. Our team was filled with the Spirit, and the Lord’s light was shining brightly through each and every team member. Dr. Rick actually danced to the pharmacy on his last patient (not sure you would actually call it dancing, but we won’t tell him that).

We all miss our friends and family back home, but are blessed to be here. Praise Him!

Haiti October 9, 2014
Haiti October 7, 2014