Report by Joyce Bishop

Today was a wonderful day, as was yesterday. We started our day as usual with a beautiful devotional presentation, and this time we had a wonderful testimony detailing how God opens doors. After getting Gabriel (our transportation) packed up with medical supplies and gifts, we all loaded up for the scenic route to Tapio, passing the most picturesque sights you would ever want to see. As we traveled along we were happily greeted by crowds gathered along the roadways.

When we arrived at our destination, the crowd was there waiting to see one of the 4 physicians on our team. Our support team – nursing staff, pharmacy staff, clothing distributors, teaching staff, interpreters, logistical technicians, ministers, and just plain old manpower – was ready to get started.

We strategically saw each patient and tried to meet their immediate needs as they passed through each of the stations we had set up. We saw a great number today, and had a lot of anxious patients waiting to be seen as the day came to a close. We packed up, loaded up, and headed out.

We were instructed in our devotional to see God’s Glory, and we succeeded. First, the road to Tapio was breathtaking–God’s Glory! Next, the faces of the patients that we were able to see in our makeshift clinic–God’s Glory! Oh Haiti, thank you for showing us God’s Glory!

Haiti October 8, 2014
Haiti October 6, 2014