Report by Rick Schumacher, D.O. (aka Dr. Rick)

The week of medical clinics has started today, and we have met it with an energy that only comes from above! After a morning devotion given by Rudy, one of the interpreters, we loaded the truck with supplies, crammed in around the trunks, and headed for Jerusalem IV church. As expected, the word was out that we were coming, and people were already waiting. Despite having 4 doctors seeing people for all kinds of problems, there was always one more to see. That’s the blessing given to us today – we came to serve, and the Lord didn’t let us down! There were cases of scabies, mumps, open wounds from falls, and very uncontrolled high blood pressure. I kept wondering what these people are going to do after the medical team leaves . . . how great it would be to have a clinic that is always here! That is where Truth Ministries has such a wonderful vision. Someday there will be a place they can come to and get the care they need, instead of having to wait so long.

Most of the team here has worked together before. I can certainly tell, because they are well organized and efficient. That makes things easy for me – I just let them tell me where my station is and go! The camaraderie is contagious, and there is always laughter coming from someone. There is even a picture of me holding a rooster (my daughter is going to love that one!). It has also been great to see my good friend Andrew. We first met here 9 years ago, and this will be our third time back at the same time. It’s like a reunion! Although the day was long it seemed to go fast, and was enjoyable overall. I already know I’ll be pretty tired by the end of the week. It will be worth it though, knowing that I’m serving under the Lord’s will and getting to work with some of the most wonderful, devout followers of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Haiti October 7, 2014
Haiti October 5, 2014