I got up early this morning to take Will to the airport and pick up Chris, Lee, Bryan and Paul. Chris came up with us last week, and the others came into Port au Prince the next day. They came to help us with the vision of the clinic. They told us the first thing we need to do is get a survey of the property to see exactly the area we are dealing with. I’m sure this will take some time, but it’s a starting point.

By the time I got back, the team had already started the medical clinic and VBS in Jerusalem Baptist Church. Everything was running smoothly. This is such a good team; so many of them are seasoned missionaries. Around 12:00 some of the team had lunch, but there are several of us who are fasting and praying for the meeting tomorrow with the Jerusalem II church. We are meeting with Pastor Do, Pastor Fanis (oldest son of Pastor Fani, who died), Madame Fani (wife of Pastor Fani) and the committee. I have invited Pastor Lewis, who has 43 years as a pastor, to sit in with us. It says in Proverbs that a wise man has many counselors, and I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to help than Pastor Lewis.

After lunch I took the guys to Jerusalem IV to show them the church, and then we met the team at Daniel’s village. Again everything ran smoothly. There were people already lined up when we arrived, and the kids were ready for VBS. I truly believe one day we will be building a church there. You cannot plant a seed and continue to water it and it not grow. We planted a seed in 2006, and have been watering it ever since. In God’s timing there will be an increase, all to His glory.

The work team has almost completed another bathroom; that will make 4 completed bathrooms before we leave. I stand in awe of what the Lord has done here, and I know this is just the beginning. It will be far more than I could ever imagine or ask for, as He said in scripture.

Thank you all for praying for us and for Jerusalem II. God bless.


Haiti November 16, 2011
Haiti November 14, 2011