This morning we had our meeting with the Jerusalem II church. I wish I had good news, but we could not find a solution to their problem, so we go back to the Lord in fasting and praying. It’s God’s church, and I’m sure he can take care of it. Please continue to pray for unity.

While Pastor Lewis and I were in the meeting, which lasted from 9:00-11:45 a.m., I had our team go to a church in a new area called Palto, which is about 30 minutes away. This church has never had a medical clinic or VBS. The pastor and all the people were so happy to see us–as you will see by the photos the little church was full of people seeing the doctors all day. After spending all morning listening to people of a church that will not even try to solve its problems, this was a refreshing change–it reminds me why I come here.

While the clinic was going on, some of the men went up into the mountains with an interpreter and talked to many Haitians, handing out tracks in Kreol. I encourage this, because this is how we find new areas that we can come back and talk to Pastor Do about–he knows everyone in this area.

After dinner George took a load of people from Jerusalem Baptist Church to Jerusalem IV to continue the revival. He came back and got most of the Americans, and I took the rest in the Ford. We had a great time. The people were rejoicing to the Lord with singing and dancing, from young to old. Our group got up and sang, and Pastor Lewis preached a revival message that I will never forget. He just said it like it is in scripture.

Again, after a long day seeing the people rejoicing so much in Jerusalem IV, it reminded me why I come to Haiti. The Lord has truly blessed me.


Haiti November 17, 2011
Haiti November 15, 2011