Report from Meagan Messick, Medical Clinic

We started out today with a quick bite to eat before we headed over to the church to begin our medical clinic. We quickly noticed not only the physical need of these people, but the spiritual need, as well. One of our first patients was a five-month-old baby girl who had obvious malnutrition. After examining her, we discovered that she had a serious heart condition, as well as a gastrointestinal disorder that caused her to reflux most of what she ate. Of all the patients, this patient stood out to me the most because of the simple fact that even in a condition as severe as hers, God has the complete power to heal this child from an ailment we look at with sad eyes. At one point, I turned to my friend and said, “Doesn’t it just excite you that we serve an almighty God who can completely take away these ailments, and yet He knows us by name?!?” Throughout the day we continued administering medications and guidance to those who needed it, and kept a mindset of “hiding behind the cross” and letting God be the one who receives ALL the glory. After all, we are only here and working because of Him! We finished up the clinic a few hours after lunch and packed up our supplies in preparation for what God will have us do tomorrow!

Report from Chris Kroll, VBS

What a blessing to serve the children of Z’Orange village. These children are precious in the Eyes of the Lord! They were very excited to listen and learn; they were well-behaved and gracious. We spent approximately 30 minutes with each group of children. During this time, we sang (they love songs with motions), shared the story of Jesus leaving the 99 to find the lost sheep, and we made a craft that shared God’s plan of salvation. What a wonderful gift to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity. Each child was unique, but nearly every one of them had a certain joy. God is working in the lives of the children of this village. They have been taught about the Christ. They know that each one of us has sin in our lives that must be dealt with. They know that Jesus’ death and resurrection gives us victory over our sin. Many of them are babies in Christ; others have not yet come to personally know the Savior. The Spirit of God is dealing with many of these young hearts; all of them have had the seed of the Gospel planted within their lives. Please join us in praying for the children of Z’Orange and the continuing ministry of Jerusalem Baptist Church in this community. Pray that God will expand the hearts of the believers for all of the children and families in the surrounding area. God has done an amazing work in this village, but there is so much more to be done!

Report from Bro. Chuck

The Lord has sent another amazing team to do His work. It so cool to watch how the Lord takes His people–who don’t know each other, but who have the greatest bond of all (our Lord)–and transforms them into a dynamic body working together in harmony.

Tonight Pastor Chris will be bringing the message for the revival. Please continue to pray for Jerusalem II Church.

Haiti November 15, 2011
Haiti November 13, 2011