A new day and a new team–I believe all of the team slept very well last night. Most of them had very early mornings, so that bed with a mattress looked mighty good.

This morning we all got up and had our coffee and sang some worship songs, with Ryan playing the guitar that the Wisconsin team left (thank you!). After a few praise songs, we had our typical breakfast of oatmeal, cereal, and pop tarts.

After breakfast we were blessed by Pastor Lewis, who led our morning devotion. Pastor Lewis is definitely an anointed man of God. His wisdom and maturity in the Lord are inspiring. When our devotion was over, we went to Jerusalem Baptist Church, where Pastor Chris gave the message. Will and I had to leave to take Chris Burch back to the airport to meet some men who were flying in. When we returned the team had already eaten lunch, and most of them were taking Jesus’ word literally about resting on Sunday, if you know what I mean.

Everyone woke up from their resting in the Lord about 3 p.m., and we had team meetings to plan for tomorrow. Around 5 p.m. Will, Paul and I drove to Jerusalem IV to pick up people from their church for the revival. The first load in Gabriel was around 90 people, and the second load was about 80–it was hard to count with that many people scrambling to get in the truck.

Jerusalem Baptist Church was full. There must have been over 400 people in the church. After many Haitian singing groups, our team sang a song, and then Pastor Lewis gave a simple message of salvation using John 3:16 and–praise the Lord!–we have two more in the Kingdom, Hallelujah!!

I need to ask for your prayers for the Jerusalem II church. I guess I spoke too soon early this week when I thought all the turmoil with the church was over. Some may remember that their pastor died, and he had been married before, so there has been a division in the church because each family wants control. They are actually saying it is their church. I have met with them many times, trying to explain that it is God’s church, and discussed scripture about forgiveness and reconciliation, and it does no good. satan (I refuse to capitalize his name) has a foothold, and only prayer can break it, so I ask you to pray for the people of this church. I know God will have the victory.

Tomorrow will be the first work day for the team, and they are all excited to see what the day may bring. Continue to pray for us. God bless.

Haiti November 14, 2011
Haiti November 12, 2011