Report by Mike Butz, St. Louis MO

This is day 3 of our trip, and I’m still a bit perplexed with my experiences…perplexed in the context of I am still ‘trying to figure things out’ (an American style of thinking). The people of Haiti that I have observed strike me as a very peaceful, trusting people. It seems that everyone (almost literally) smiles whenever I make eye contact–a reaction that is totally different from eye contact in the United States (ha!). I am also struck by the sheer density of population. There are people everywhere, and how they survive is something to behold much more than understood. They are strong, resilient people, walking and carrying large bundles for miles upon miles, hours and hours, and yet they turn to look at you as you pass, generally with a smile! Time/weeks/days seem to have no relevance–everything that ‘needs’ to be done will get done when it gets done. If it doesn’t, it either did not really matter, or it will just be done tomorrow! Coming from my world, where almost everything works ‘on schedule,’ I admit it is a struggle to experience. I just don’t understand, and I am told that is the point: it is not to be understood…just respected and helped.

Haiti May 20, 2016
Haiti May 18, 2016