These photos are from yesterday afternoon. After we had clinic and VBS in KodeKris (Body of Christ) Church, we went to the Haitian market. Some of the team wanted to know if they could buy something. I told them unless they want to buy a live chicken or goat, or some vegetables, there would be nothing to buy…after seeing the market they understood. After the market we had lunch, then went to a small church called Palto, about a 20-minute walk away. When we got there, there were only 4 people waiting for clinic. Within the next 30 minutes there were over 100. Josh and the other team members had VBS with the children inside the church.

It is so wonderful to watch a team come together for the common cause of our Lord. Each morning they are enthusiastic about the day, and you can tell it in their interactions with the Haitian people. When we are finished for the day, the team is outside playing with the kids until dark. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in our churches could get so excited about loving on people….

Haiti May 21, 2016
Haiti May 19, 2016