Report by Greg Butz

Today has been a very exciting day. It is Flag Day here in Haiti, so celebrations began last night and have continued today. There is a special buzz around the village. This morning we got to play some 5v5 soccer matches with the younger boys on the soccer field because school was canceled for the day. They have some incredible skill for being so young and not having any training. We set up the medical clinic in Jerusalem I Church. This is our second go at this medical clinic thing, after our first time yesterday in Daniel’s village was a little chaotic. Today was much smoother, thanks in large part to an abundance of space. I was able to get the pharmacy area organized so it made sense to me. I felt like I was able to help Betty and Beverly better. We saw around 140 people today, at least that is what I have estimated up to this point. The interpreters were also incredible. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and willingness to give up their time to help us communicate with all the people we see. While I was working in the clinic, the other members of our team were conducting a VBS. They then got to play games with the children, including playing with the giant parachute that the kids love.

This is my second trip to a less fortunate country, and it amazes me when I come here the attitudes and exceptional personalities the people exude. They are so content with so little. They are truly grateful when they are helped and you can see the joy on their faces. It is such a reality check for so many of us, and I thank God I have been blessed with the opportunity to come and meet and provide any service that may be asked of me to help these people, because in so many ways they have helped me. I look forward to whatever God has in store for us on the remainder of this trip. I pray He is able to keep our minds and focus here in this moment.

Haiti May 19, 2016
Haiti May 17, 2016