I arrived in Haiti on Wednesday to get ready for two teams coming in over the next two weeks. We have Morrison Heights Baptist Church, from Clinton MS, coming in on Monday with a medical team; following them we will have Greater Little Rock Baptist Church, from Pensacola FL, coming to do VBS with the children in the valley, among other things. This is Morrison Heights first time to work with us, and we are excited to have them. Greater Little Rock has been with us many times through the years.

I have had trouble with my internet ever since I got here. I have to tell you a typical story of how things work in Haiti – I had one service called Digicel for my internet; it plugged into a USB port. It has not been working well at all – you get on line for about 4 minutes and you get kicked off; it reminds me of the old dial-up. There is another company in Haiti called Natcom that has the same kind of jump drive for internet. I sent Simon into Port au Prince to purchase this jump drive. After selling him the jump drive and the SIM card, they said all you have to do is plug it in – yeah, right. Simon brought it back and we plugged it in. It didn’t work – imagine that! So we called the store and they said that you have to activate the SIM card. Next question, how do you do that? They said that you have to find someone with a Natcom phone to put it in and buy 1500 minutes in order to activate it. We’re in the mountains, we have no place to buy minutes, and no one has a Natcom phone. So then we sent a young boy down to a town called Titanyen to find a phone and buy minutes. About an hour and a half later he came back with the card. We put it in the laptop, and it said we had only 1350 minutes on the phone, because they charged the boy for putting the minutes on the phone. Simon called several people in Port and finally found someone who found a Natcom place open and purchased some extra minutes for us. We plugged the device back in and it still said it was not activated. (Getting tired of reading this, imagine trying to make sense of all this in real time.) We called again and this time they said you have to receive a call before it will be activated. So there we were again trying to find someone with a Natcom phone. We finally did find someone, put the SIM card in, and received a call. We put it back in the laptop and it still said it was not activated. Now it was definitely time for prayer. I shut the computer off, said a prayer and, you guessed it – a miracle, it worked! I tell you this story because – this is life in Haiti. There is no doubt in my mind, Haiti is in the Bermuda Triangle.

After that story I want you to see the beautiful children that you help in Haiti. With the gift from Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child we are able to feed around 400 students during the school week and the children that are less fortunate in the valley. Yesterday we fed hundreds of children in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Haiti March 10, 2014
March 8, 2014