Today Betty, Linda and I went down to New Life to pick up the Morrison Heights Baptist Church team. We went ahead to buy some groceries, and then met Simon and Blanco, who had followed us in Gabriel, on the road to New Life. We arrived at 9 a.m. American time, and the Morrison Heights group was on Haiti time, which I was glad to see. There is no reason to be in a hurry in Haiti – time doesn’t exist.

We were going to a place called the Apparent Project, and were almost there when we found the road blocked off. Then we tried to go another way, but a big truck that had engine problems was across the road. The Ford could go by it, but Gabriel had no chance; we had to change to God’s plan, which was that we were not going to Apparent Project today. Then we stopped at the Earthquake Memorial. It was locked, so we couldn’t go in – another change of plans. We did get to see it through the gate; the future plans had been painted on the wall.

After our stop there we started up the mountain to the mission house. The road is really dusty this time of year and it is a pretty rough trip in Gabriel, but the Lord blessed us with safe travel. Tomorrow we will start the medical clinic at the main church. The team is excited on this new adventure with the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and support.

Haiti March 11, 2014
Haiti March 8, 2014