TEM has hosted many short-term medical teams and now, Lord willing, we will have a permanent medical presence in Haiti. We feel that this concern has been answered by the Lord. He has provided the vision for us to build a medical clinic, which would serve not only to allow our American doctors to treat patients well during their stay with us, but would also allow us a place to teach the residents of Z’Orange valley how to care for themselves. We envision teaching health classes and parenting classes, and even having a shaded space for teaching bible classes, or literacy classes. We would love to see our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ learning and taking leadership in this area to take this precious training into their own villages. We have purchased the land for this clinic and, as funds are provided, we are building the wall around the property. The cost of the wall and gate will be over $10,000.

Please take the time to watch the “Haiti: Medical Alert” video created by Tom and Linda Blizzard. It features American doctors and nurses in Haiti explaining the need for this clinic to be built in Haiti.

Here are the links:

Vimeo:   http://vimeo.com/83327257

YouTube:   http://youtu.be/9bYcF_YKlSg

Haiti March 8, 2014
Teacher's Conference