Report by Lonnie Wesley

Every trip I am blessed to be here, and to walk from hut to hut, and from village to village; the first scripture that comes to mind, when I look up toward the mountains, is Psalm 19:1. It says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” In all that we think is poor, the Lord still has a way to show just how rich He is. Such is the spirit of this great people. Where we, through our American eyes, may think they are deficient in certain areas, the beautiful people of Z’Orange are actually stronger than we are in other areas. I just cannot get past how, although they may not have certain amenities of life, they do have the Spirit of God, which leads to a peace that certainly passes all understanding. So, while the mountains that surround this valley declare His glory, I also find a moment of meditation in seeing the people of this valley also displaying His glory. I am truly blessed to be here with the Greater Little Rock family, and with our brothers and sisters from Wright Baptist and First Baptist of Navarre, and I look forward to coming to behold His glory again.


Report by Yvonne

As we reach this Easter season, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. He hung on the cross and died for the people in America, the people in Haiti, and the people all over this world. I was asked to speak to the women in Haiti today and I shared with them that, as wives and mothers we make sacrifices every day. We work inside as well as outside the homes. We are nurturers and providers for our children and grandchildren. We support our husbands. Women in Haiti make sacrifices for their families by taking long walks to the market, carrying large baskets of goods on top of their heads. They also cook and clean for the household, and make several trips to pump water. The sacrifices women make are endless, just as Christ’s sacrifice for us is endless. When speaking with these ladies about sacrifice it took me back to Genesis 2:21-22.

We gave individual gift bags to the Haitian ladies to show our appreciation for their sacrifices; each bag we made contained personal hygiene items, as well as scarves and headbands. It was truly a blessing from God to share my experiences as a wife and mother with them. I want to thank the women of Wright Baptist and First Baptist of Navarre for their guidance and support.

Haiti March 23, 2016
Haiti March 21, 2016