Report by John G. McInnis

The Pastors Conference began Monday morning with about 70 Haitian pastors and church leaders in attendance. The conference kicked off with a study of the role, character and challenges for pastors and church leaders from the study of the Apostle Paul’s two letters to Timothy. The study gave instructions for dealing with false doctrines in the church, instructions in prayer, qualifications of church leaders, and general instruction for ministry. The group was encouraged to be obedient to Jesus Christ, work hard to proclaim and handle the Word of God accurately, govern the church impartially, stay pure, and keep a clear head as they fight the battle as a good soldier of Christ.

The Monday afternoon session continued the emphasis on being faithful in persecution, trials and difficulties in ministry. The pastors and leaders were challenged through a study of Ephesians 6 to put on the armor of God in the spiritual warfare within which they are engaged. The key to this battle over God’s enemies is to claim the blood of Christ as the only authority which will overcome evil. The Haitian church leaders were presented Creole Bibles and folders to guide their study during the three days of the Pastors Conference. Conference teachers are Jeremy Gates, Sam Hays, John McInnis, Jesse Nelson, and Lonnie Wesley.


Report by Linda Scott

We held VBS at Daniel’s voodoo village today. In the beginning we joined in as the kids sang songs to us – clapping their hands and stomping their feet was a wonderful sight to see. Shortly after that, we told the story of Noah’s ark. We gave out popsicle sticks and put on sticker animals to represent the animals marching onto the ark two by two. After that, the kids were directed to line up in six lines to do a rubik’s cube game. I noticed this one little boy who was so focused on trying to get all the same colors on the same side; he looked about six years old and was very determined. After every child had a turn with the cube, they were each given a peppermint for their great effort. We ended the VBS with a song called, “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands.” Being able to interact with each and every child was a great experience.

Haiti March 22, 2016
Haiti March 20, 2016