Report by Dr. Jeremy S. Gates

Today we concluded our Pastors Conference. I am so honored to have been part of this experience. My sincere thanks to Pastor Sam Hays of Wright Baptist Church in Ft. Walton Beach, Pastor Lonnie Wesley of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church in Pensacola, Pastor Jesse Nelson of Macedonia Baptist Church in Panama City, and Pastor John McInnis of First Baptist Church of Navarre for partnering with me in leading this conference for our Haitian pastors and church leaders. I was personally blessed by the teaching, and I know our brother pastors were as well.

As always this trip has been an incredible experience for me, my family, and the team. I want to conclude by sharing a story that I hope you will find encouraging. We showed the Jesus film at an orphanage located about 20 minutes by walking from the mission house. A 5-year-old little girl was sitting by Kristin and me. When the movie got to crucifixion scene, I looked over and the little girl had streams of tears flowing down her face. When the soldiers were nailing Jesus to the cross, it broke her little heart. Kristin looked over at me and mouthed, “bless her tender little heart.” We both teared up, and I said to Kristin, “It’s okay…in a few minutes the resurrection is coming.” A few scenes later when the resurrected Jesus appeared to His disciples, I looked over at the little girl and she had the most beautiful smile on her face! I melted.

Two takeaways:
1) May the agony of the cross break our hearts. May we never grow callous to Calvary!
2) We don’t have to weep for long! He is risen!!

Bondye beni ou! (God bless you!)
Pastor Jeremy

Haiti April 4, 2016
Haiti March 22, 2016