Report by Matt Morris (from March 19)

Today is the first full day we’ve had in Z’Orange. As a group we got to experience and learn a ton of the Haitian culture. The day started off well, we bonded with the children around the mission house, not necessarily with our words – because we are still learning the language – but rather with our open, curious, loving hearts. We played games like frisbee, talked, and even blew bubbles with the young ones, and we will continue to do so the remainder of the trip. Before lunch, we walked around the area and got to see a ton of houses surrounded by cactus fences, which I found very cool. Having a translator around really helped. After lunch we visited the nearby market – an incredible experience, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. There was everything from clothes to candy to even cattle being sold all around!

Haiti March 21, 2018
Haiti March 19, 2018