Report by Lauren Miller

I couldn’t have thought of any way better to spend my 18th birthday than to be in Haiti spending time with people who are so kind, and to also be growing spiritually with my team as well as the kids here. In just the few short days we have been here, I have formed amazing friendships with some of the kids. It is amazing to see how they are constantly happy no matter the circumstance. All they want is for you to love on them and hold their hand. Just a small smile can change someone’s demeanor. We began VBS yesterday and of course it came with some challenges. The language barrier is difficult, but making sure that the message gets across and makes sense to them is the most important part. I taught the lesson at one of our VBS locations; to say that I was out of my comfort zone would be an understatement. But like my youth pastor says, “God DOES give you more than you can handle so you realize that you cannot do any of it alone.” I had to humble myself and realize that these kids weren’t going to get anything out of the lesson if it was my words, not God’s. This has been an amazing trip so far – I cannot wait to see what opportunities we will have the rest of the week.

Haiti March 22, 2018
Haiti March 20, 2018